Urban Bird Sounds Project

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Links to other Bird Education Resources:

Below are just a few examples of Bird Education Resources. 

Many more can be found at the wonderful website BirdIQ.com. Be sure to visit there and learn more.

Other teaching materials:

Flying Wild

Brought to you by the folks who publish Project WILD, Flying Wild is a resource guide to celebrating birds... anywhere!  Many fun, ready-to-use activities. http://www.flyingwild.org/

Mr. Williams 6th Grade Science Blog

Mr. Williams is a 6th grade science teacher in Massachusetts who incorporates birds and bird conservation into his science curriculum.  He uses his blog to publish a "Bird of the Week" throughout the year. http://mrwilliams6thgradescience.blogspot.com/ (To download a summary of Mr. Williams’ bird projects and lessons please click here.)

Opportunities to participate in research and conservation projects:

Cornel Lab of Ornithology/ Celebrate Urban Birds

In addition to many other wonderful resources, the Lab of Ornithology has a “Celebrate Urban Birds” program.  Visit their site for information about urban bird monitoring. http://www.birds.cornell.edu/celebration

Fledgling Birders/ The Schoolyard Birding Challenge

“The Schoolyard Birding Challenge is a monthly bird watching contest open to students in all public, private, and home schools in North America. Student participants in the SBC  will work together to observe, identify, and record various bird species found on their school grounds.” http://www.fledgingbirders.org/challenge.html

FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program)

This wonderful program has lots of great (though sobering) information about birds and collision hazards.  They can tell you how best to reduce collisions, how to advocate for more bird friendly structures, and how to start a FLAP program in your city.  http://www.flap.org/

Additional projects/opportunities:

The Urban Bird Corridor

A great example of urban bird conservation in action! “The Green Center's Urban Bird Corridor (UBC) is a narrow stretch of public land approximately 1500 feet long and 30 feet wide that serves as a critical connection between the Brittany Woods Prairie/Wetland Complex and Ruth Park Woods. The UBC provides important shelter, food, and nesting grounds for over 100 species of resident and migratory birds as well as other animals.” http://www.thegreencenter.org/outdoor_spaces/urban_bird_corridor.aspx

Bridging the Americas/Unidos por las Aves

Bridging the Americas/Unidos por las Aves is a cross-cultural environmental education program that links elementary school classes in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC with classes in Latin America and the Caribbean through an exchange of art work and letters that focus on Neotropical migratory birds.

What is YOUR bird education success story?  (Fledgling Birders/BEN)

Fledgling Birders and BEN (the Bird Education Network) are inviting you to share your successes: “Tell us how your program helped change public behavior to positively effect the birds.  By documenting our cumulative impact, BEN members can highlight the true impact of our bird education efforts in the overall bird conservation movement.”  Click here to tell them about your work.

Remember, please visit BirdIQ.com to learn more about many, many more resources.

If you have feedback or ideas about additional resources please email rb13@cornell.edu

IndivIdual FIles from the Teaching Materials:

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UBSP Step by Step.pdf

Instructions for educators and/or students.  Explains how to make you OWN audio guide.  To birds... frogs... cars... anything.

ListeningNotesHandoutUBSP.doc or ListeningNotesHandoutUBSP.pdf

For students and teachers to use while listening to the Urban Bird Sounds Project podcast or CD.

Includes space for taking notes and recording answers to short review quizzes.

FinalQuizSheetUBSP.doc or FinalQuizSheetUBSP.pdf

For students and teachers to use while taking the final quiz of the Urban Bird Sounds Project.


Here’s a document with all of the narrations (and photos).  Print all or part of it out to share with students.

Who Are You.pdf

Students match images of birds with their biographies then move around the room in response to questions about their birds.  (Includes instructions and activity cards.)

The Bird Anatomy Song.pdf

Students sing a bird-themed version of a well known children’s song.  Sounds absurd but can be fun and helpful.

Pin the Feather.doc or Pin the Feather.pdf

Pin the Feather (You’ll need to make your own felt birds but here are activity instructions and labels!)

Find a bird that.doc or Find a bird that.pdf

Use this quick exercise to practice bird anatomy and identification.

The Birds of Boston Fly NW.pdf

An additional example of student work.  This tri-fold flyer created by students in the Spring 2006 Wildlife Biology class.

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